Forbrain® is a high tech, award-wining, bone conduction headset which helps the brain to process sensory information more effectively. Through the use of its patented dynamic filter and by correcting the perception of the user’s voice, the way they speak is corrected naturally and without conscious effort. Forbrain® works simultaneously on all parts of the audio-vocal loop and gives the nervous system an excellent sensory workout. It is endorsed by thousands of clinicians, educators and families. Forbrain® is designed to be safe, effective and can help anyone but more specifically people with: Speech-language Disorders (Speech delay, Apraxia, Aphasia, etc.), Sensory and Auditory Processing Disorders (APD / CAPD), Attention Disorders (ADD / ADHD), Learning Disabilities (Dyslexia, Poor reading, Poor memory, etc.), Autism Spectrum Disorders (Autism, Asperger‘s Syndrome, Down Syndrome, etc.), Brain injuries and brain diseases. Click here for the video about Forbrain® and its applications.